MK 351-Marketing Audit Assignment

MK 351-Marketing Audit Assignment – Fall 2020 Organization Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama ( *You can submit a request to conduct an audit on another nonprofit organization. Please read this assignment first to ensure the organization you submit can provide you with the same information below to offer a similar marketing audit. Campaign Breast Cancer Awareness Month Focus: To bring awareness about breast cancer and to raise money for cancer research. Objective There are several breast cancer advocacy groups and organizations who have a mission to raise awareness about the disease and to raise money for breast cancer research and other services for breast cancer patients. Corporations and community organizations partner with these breast cancer advocacy groups and organizations in an effort to build a cause marketing campaign during the month of October around Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama (BCRFA) is a nonprofit based in Birmingham, Alabama. MK 351 discussed the importance of nonprofit marketing and the strategies used to market to a nonprofit’s constituents (ex. donors, clients, patients) and to the larger community. During the month of October, the BCRFA and other breast cancer organizations utilize a thematic approach around Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This thematic marketing strategy gives focus to the topic of breast cancer and allows organizations to anchor events, promotions, and other marketing activities around this topic during this one month. This doesn’t mean the organization is not actively marketing during the rest of the year. October provides them a focus and platform to engage more people and to elevate the cause. Marketing Project The outcome of this assignment is for you to submit a Word document that professionally summarizes your evaluation of the marketing efforts of the BCRFA. Your audit will evaluate the organization’s marketing efforts and then provide your opinion on the effectiveness of their marketing activities to support the BCRFA mission. The audit will review all marketing aspects of BCRFA with a focus to the marketing activities during the month of October. Marketing Outcome The goal of this project is to use the marketing principles and concepts we have discussed in class (to date) as a part of your evaluation. This will require you to go back and review the topics we have discussed and use those marketing principles that relate to the BCRF. You will analyze and audit the marketing efforts of the BCRFA and provide a written evaluation of the pros and cons of the marketing strategies BCRFA uses during Breast Cancer Awareness month and during the rest of the year. Your analysis will be an opinion piece using MK 351 principles to support your opinion. Marketing Strategy Identify marketing strategies BCRFA uses during the month of October around Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as well as marketing efforts during the entire year. These strategies can be found on the organization’s website and on their social media channels. You will also be able to offer ideas or suggestions on modifications to improve an identified strategy or provide a specific idea for a new marketing strategy. Word Document Sections The marketing audit must use Time New Roman 12-point font. The margins must be 1” inch all around the page. The audit must be single spaced. The audit must be at least 3 full pages. If you wish to include any exhibits or visuals, then they need to be included a an appendix after you have fulfilled the 3 page requirement. 1. Overview of the Marketing Audit Provide a short overview of this audit, including information about the client (BCRFA) and why this marketing audit could be of value to the nonprofit. 2. Define the Target Audience Define the target audience for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama. Remember, there can be multiple target audiences. One target audience might be focused on one strategy and another audience on another marketing strategy. These audiences have unique demographics and different consumer behaviors that will guide your recommendation so make sure you provide analysis specific to the marketing efforts and promotions used to reach that specific audience. MK 351 also discussed segmentation of the target market. You will need to evaluate the BCRFA target audience and identify the segmentation strategies being used by the organization. If there are segmentation strategies missing from the BCRFA marketing strategy, then you should identify those needed segmentations in your final summary. 3. Summarize the Marketing Strategies You need to summarize the BCRFA marketing strategies (identify at least 3 strategies) as they relate to Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to the entire year. These will be talking points the organization uses to promote their mission. The marketing messages can be found on the BRCFA website, publications, videos, and social media channels. Think about the marketing message and how it is being used in the organization’s marketing channels (ex. social media channels). Keep in mind these messages should be working to accomplish a specific strategic activity for BCRFA and reaching some target audience. You can begin during this part of your audit to consider if there are marketing messages the organization is missing in the marketing communications. You can use that part of your audit in your final recommendation and summary. 4. Digital and Social Media Strategy You can find the BRCFA social media channels identified on their website. You will want to review current and past posts. Go back to your marketing strategies and think about how social media is being used as a marketing communication tool to bring awareness to the BCRFA and to raise money for cancer research. • What social media platforms work best for the targeted audiences you have identified and using video content to reach them? Is the organization doing a good or bad job reaching that target using that social media channel? • What segmentation strategy is being used to reach a specific target audience? How can social media, special events, and other marketing promotional activities be used to reach that audience(s) and effectively communicate the marketing message? • Think how the identified marketing messages and discuss if you feel the messaging is influence consume behavior. How can BRCFA marketing strategies support other campaigns they do during the year? Is there a hash tag or a series of hash tags that can be developed to help elevate the campaign together? 5. Conclusion and Summary The marketing audit will conclude with a summary that outlines your opinion as a marketing professional about BCRFA marketing efforts during October and throughout the year. The audit will summarize the good and the needs improvement of the marketing efforts of the organization. You need to support your conclusion comments and summary with how marketing principles can be used to help an organization reach their marketing objectives. You can also make a recommendation if you feel there is a specific marketing research tool or strategy you can recommended for BRCFA to use to learn how their constituents feel about the organization’s mission and marketing strategies. Also, think about how BRCFA digital and other social medial platforms can be used to create future success. After your summary, then you will offer specific feedback for each of the marketing strategies you identified at the beginning of your audit. The example below provides you an idea of the summary you will need to include. You will summarize the strategy, identify the expected target audience/consumer, discuss any segmentation strategies being used, provide an expected consumer behavior the strategy is expected to influence, and provide your opinion about if the organization is doing a good job or needs improvement with their marketing strategies. You need to summarize the social media marketing strategy being used to support the marketing strategy. Then provide a final summary of your recommendation on what should be done, if anything, with the BCRFA marketing strategy you have identified. Example of a Marketing Strategy Audit Summary Here is an example of a marketing strategy to build awareness around the BCRFA mission. THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE AND NOT A COMPLETED EXAMPLE. THIS IS JUST A SUMMARIZED IDEA TO HELP YOU HAVE AN EXAMPLE TO USE TO HELP YOU DEVELOP SOME OF YOUR IDEAS. Strategy: The BRCFA is promoting their car tag program on social media to Alabama residents to raise money for breast cancer research. Audience: Adults ages 35-65 years old who own a car and register their car in Alabama (primary). Young adults between the ages of 16-35 years old who own a car and register their car in Alabama (secondary). Messaging: Summarize the BCRFA message here. Don’t forget to explain how this marketing message or strategy is helping BCRFA measure success (ex. awareness, fundraising). Social Media: Identify specific social media channel(s) that are being used or have been used in the past with this identified marketing strategy. Determine if you can tell if the posts had good engagement with followers (likes, shares, and other metrics you can easily find). Summary: Determine if you feel the BCRFA marketing strategy is effective or it needs some improvement. Support your opinion with how the marketing principles we’ve discussed can be used. If there is a recommendation for improvement, then offer a short recommendation on what you would recommend as a marketing professional to the organization and support your recommendation with the marketing principle concepts we’ve discussed this semester. Marketing Audit Submission Deadline Thursday, November 12–11:59 p.m. – deadline to submit document in Canvas Assignment must be uploaded in a Word document on Canvas by the deadlines. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS OR EMAIL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ALLOWED. You must submit a Word (.doc or docx) file so the instructor can access your document

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