Question 1
A problem:

A. Can occur even though no decision or action is necessary.

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B. Is best solved alone, without any outside influences.

C. Is usually a conflict between two or more courses of action.

Question 2
According to the author of your text, problems and issues may often be expressed as questions. Which of the following is true?

A. A problem may be expressed by asking questions which begin with the words “Is…?”, “Does…?”, or “Should…?”

B. An issue may be expressed by asking questions which begin with the words “How can…?”

C. A problem may be expressed by asking questions which begin with the words “How can…?”

Question 3
According to the author of your text, which of the following is often a rewarding approach to solving problems?
A. Survey any group of people that is the most accessible.

B. Rely only on your own personal experiences. This way you may save time by ignoring other approaches to problem solving.

C. Draw upon other people’s experiences, especially if they are good thinkers and you are willing to be a good listener, neither judging nor analyzing the other person’s explanation.

Question 4
In chapter 7 the author gives an example of a woman who eventually solves a problem concerning the loud music her downstairs neighbor was continually playing. Which of the following is most true as to how Jean solved the problem?
A. Jean, as a last resort, used one of the answers to her questions expressing her problem: “How can I bother her as much as she bothers me”?

B. Jean was able to solve the problem by reporting the woman to the apartment building’s owner as well as the police.

C. Jean solved the problem by approaching the woman below her directly.

Question 5
Many of the tools used to analyze arguments are also used to solve problems for the following reasons except:
Group of answer choices

A. Personal biases may influence our decisions or solutions.

B. Problems and Issues never overlap.

C. Specific evidence or learned experience may either help or hinder arriving at conclusions to arguments as well as solving specific problems.

Question 6
Once you’ve listed as many solutions to solving a problem as possible, it’s best to:
Group of answer choices

A. Ignore those which require of you a dramatic change in life style

B. Embrace that solution which appears to be the easiest to implement.

C. List the advantages and disadvantages of each possible solution and choose that which offers the most long term advantages.

7. Once you’ve set about solving the problem at hand, test your solution by:
Group of answer choices

A. Making sure that the results are 100% satisfactory.

B. Comparing your results with the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the problem solving process.

C. Ignoring the opinions of others about any perceived changes in your character after you’d begun working on a solution to your problem.

8. Probably the most difficult step in solving a problem is
Group of answer choices

A. Brainstorming solutions.

B. Figuring out who will benefit most from the solution.

C. Accepting the fact that there is a problem.

9. Problem solving ability is important for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:
Group of answer choices

A. An inability to effectively solve problems may lead to an inability to cope with the everyday realities of life.

B. Being a good problem solver will guarantee a happy, comfortable life.

C. Effective problem solving could prevent many human tragedies.

10. Step 2 of the problem solving process involves all of the following except:
Group of answer choices

A. Never wavering from the first solution you arrive at in solving a problem.

B. Seeking well informed suggestions from others on alternative solutions.

C. Brainstorming possible solutions to the problem no matter how ridiculous they may sound.

11. When problem solving, the author of your text suggests:
Group of answer choices

A. Developing the habit of expressing every problem or issue in as many different ways as you can.

B. Pay close attention to a solution that most closely follows your preconceived idea for solving the problem at hand.

C. Use what you’ve been conditioned to see as the best solution to your problem.

12. Which of the following is most important in determining the actual problem?
Group of answer choices

A. Who is involved and who will benefit from the problem solving process

B. Relying on one’s own gut feeling about what the problem is.

C. Relying on others’ opinions as to what the problem is.

13. Which of the following is most likely NOT a reason why people find it difficult to admit that there is a problem?
Group of answer choices

A. Admitting that there is a problem puts one on shaky ground outside of an established comfort zone.

B. Admitting that there is a problem means that measures (often uncomfortable) must be taken to solve the problem.

C. Admitting that there is a problem is actually the easiest part of the problem solving process.

14. Which of the following should you avoid when confronted with a problem?
Group of answer choices

A. Getting a second opinion which is objective and one you’ve carefully analyzed.

B. Act impulsively without considering surrounding circumstances.

C. Identifying symptoms or signs that that a problem exists.

15. Which of the following statements is true?
Group of answer choices

A. Becoming an effective problem solver is a result of learned behavior.

B. Becoming an effective problem solver is a result of one’s genetic makeup.

C. Becoming an effective problem solver relies heavily upon the intellect with which you were born.

16 Short essay question
This requires a short essay response. I am going to give to you a problem of which I’m sure many of you are familiar. Use the problem solving techniques I’ve given you in the lecture as well as chs. 7, 8, and especially 11 in your text to solve this problem.

Joel is a student at a local college majoring in accounting. He is approaching his last quarter sporting a 3.5 GPA. He has never received less than an ‘A’ in any of his ‘major’ subjects, but he has become increasingly frustrated with some of his instructors as well as the department in general. Beginning with the previous quarter, his instructors basically taught old material and never really moved into advanced methods in using accounting principles. One of her instructors actually cancelled two classes (6-hour class and lab) and took the class on a field trip which lasted ½ hour, was a complete waste of time, and then cancelled the rest of the class for that day. Added to this, the department chair promised her an internship where she could work for a company as an accountant’s assistant. To date, even after several unreturned e-mails to the department head, Joel has not been offered an internship. He feels as if his instructors, the department, and in some degree the school has let him down. He’s thought of going over the head of the accounting department’s chair to the chairman of the entire business department but has been told that to do so would be academic suicide. The instructors involved as well as the accounting department’s chairperson have been known to hold grudges. At this point, Joel feels all is lost. He is not learning the advanced accounting principles he needs to be competitive in the job market, nor is he getting the promised internship with an accounting firm which he thought might be a potential ‘in’ toward gaining employment in the industry, not to mention the value this real life experience would offer. What would you advise Joel to do to solve his problem?

Determine Joel’s problem. State it in two or three different formats (ie. statement; question)
Briefly use the “who, what, when, why” approach from your lecture notes.
Identify at least three courses of action to be taken listing the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Choose what you believe to be the best course of action based upon 1, 2, & 3 above. Explain why you’ve made this choice.

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