What Is Change

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What is Change?

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What Is Change
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Change is when you move from the drudgery of living in the mundane and dull to something
new and exciting, it could also mean altering the course of your future from what it currently is
and to something it could be whether that could be good or bad will hinder on how you decide to
deal with it. One major change that happened for me was I that I started uni this year, at first, I
was terrified of the assignments, group exercise's and if I would make friends. My primary
motivation for joining this course was my constant hunger for knowledge which then, in turn,
seeped into my love of psychology; I plan to finish this course with a 1st or 2nd class and to
proceed to do my PHD and begin practicing as a fully licensed doctor of psychology. This was
my ultimate dream then COVID happened, to say I was dumbfounded would an almighty
understatement. I found finishing my A LEVELS hard extremely difficult as schools were forced
to close down and they made so our predicted grades would be our final grade. At the time, I was
feeling drained and depressed as I wasn't sure if I would even be able to come to uni and fulfil
my life-long dream of becoming a psychologist. One of the many resources my school offered
was homeschooling which really helped with the anxiety I felt at the time, and I made sure to
keep in good contact with friends as the really helped me overcome the and my anxiety and my
depressing felt at that weird time. I made sure to ask my teachers for external support as they
really gave me a boost with improving my assignments and getting me ready for the upcoming
hardships, I'll face down the line.
Lewin's model of change stated that were three stages of change unfreeze, change and refreeze.
Before you can prepare chicken for an example that has been frozen for some time, you must
first defrost it. The same can be said for change. Before change can occur, it must always go
through the first step of unfreezing. Because many people will feel the natural urge to refuse or
resist change as its part of our human nature to avoid risk and anything that cost us to feel pain or
discomfort, so we stay in the same mundane cycle to avoid getting hurt which would lead you to
live a very a boring life. Now people are 'unfrozen' you can now open their minds to change.
Lewin recognized that change is a process where the person must move into a new way of being
as not to be chained down by their mundane way of living. This is when the change starts to
dawn on the person, and it becomes apparent that it will never go back to what it was ever again.
It's also the time that people realize and begin to struggle with their new reality. It is a time
where it is filled with uncertainties and double guessing yourself, asking if you made the right
decision or not. This makes the changing process the hardest one to overcome as you are your
own worst enemy. Lewin called the last stage of his change model freezing, but many people
refer to it as refreezing step, people use this step so they can solidify and make it apparent that
this is their new normal after the change is complete. One of the strengths of this theory is that
Lewin believes people can change and want to change on the other hand one limitation I've
noticed is that he hasn't factored in the fact that not all people want to or are capable of change,
most people are happy with the life they lead or are extremely happy with the place they are
currently in.

What is Indigenous Psychology?
Indigenous psychology has been described by Kim and Berry (1993) to be "the scientific study
of human behaviour or mind that is native, that is not transported from other regions, and that is
designed for its people." What Kim meant by this was that cannot use Western psychology as the
norm for indigenous people as their own mental state will be different from a person that was
born in the west. Indigenous psychology generally campaigns the steadily increasing ingenuity,
and convictions people have about others, themselves and understanding them in their native
contexts. Indigenous psychology explicitly reinforces the idea for incorporating both the context
and the content for further research. Indigenous psychology is considered necessary since
already existing psychological theories are not the be-all and end-all and cannot be used as their
default, cultures vary around the and more than often represent the culture and psychology of
traditions of North America and Europe.
Indigenous psychologies are in the systematic impressions of educational institutions, political
and formal, as well as social factors that play critical roles; these factors will continue to change
the state of psychology. These psychologies grow out of the primary, religious, economic,
political, and social elements of each culture.
Three things are in common with Indigenous societies as well as a shortage of
resources, skilled vs. scientific priority of scientific discipline and also the challenges of group
action, scientific discipline and culture. They usually lack funding and resources for
farther analysis and scientific discipline. they have a tendency to concentrate on the
applying of psychological data to best beat the challenges facing their
country like strengthening education, employment, health, social control, ethnic and
spiritual conflicts instead of allocating restricted resources to expand the analysis of scientific
discipline. With indigenous psychology it constantly evolves, additional as a profession than a
science. Instability of a rustic greatly hinders the event of scientific discipline. indigenous
psychology is also influenced by the scientific discipline in the west but is not is in any the same
as the psychology taught in indigenous psychology. For example, me and mother wouldn’t think
the same as we weren’t brought up in the same place or taught the same thing.

What is narrative identity?

The theory of narrative identity suggests the idea that people form and mold an identity by
gathering their life experiences into an ever-growing journal known as the mind and making a
decision with the information gathered from the past and the present, and deciding how that will
affect their future whether good or bad. It can be perceived as an evolving story that changes
when people or the world surrounding people changes. Furthermore, I believe that people write
their own narrative identity that provides people with a sense of balance, unity and purpose in
life. This life narrative finds a weird of linking all past, present, and future experiences together
to form a unique identity. Additionally, this narrative identity has people whom they will meet in
life, significant events, symbolism and themes. It often follows the rule of a typical story. The
only difference is the person living this; decides how it plays out, by making highly
impactful decisions that could alter their own life or by choosing the mundane version and living
a peaceful, serene and unchallenging life. "An increasing number of psychologists argue that
people give meaning to their lives by constructing and internalizing self-defining stories. The
contributors to this volume explore how, beginning the development of persons life story arises
in adolescence, this is facilitated by co-constructed reminiscing, in which caregivers use
discussion, comparison, and analysis of inner motivation to guide reflection about past events
and create narratives that explain situations and behavior. This helps them in adolescent’s life
and helps them develop an understanding of the relationship between the "self" of the past and
the narrative of themselves in the present. An exciting finding from adolescent research shows
that more semantic stories increase and become more meaningful in a child's life. When a child,
especially a boy, makes stronger semantic connections in early adolescence, he has a worse sense
of well-being, but as he moves to late adolescence, his well-being increases. The massive jump
in cognitive learning during adolescence allows this change to take place. Since this is a
significant time for children to expand their social groups and conversational constructs, more
semantic narratives can be created and allow the meaning of making construct to develop. in
adolescence and young adulthood, our narrative identities become the stories we live by.
This volume addresses the most important and difficult issues in the study of narrative
identity…". What McAdams meant was that people place value on their experience's and what
they have gained from it as some lesson cannot be taught. One of the positives of this theory is
that McAdams doesn't see people as figures but as people who have live and experienced
different things which make this theory great as he values and how it can affect their growth as
human beings. One negative of this theory could be that he might over place the value of people
experience as some people may be different because of the way they are not because if lives they

McAdams, D. P., Joss Elson, R., & Lieblich, A. (Eds.). (2006). Identity and storey: Creating self
in narrative. American Psychological Association

Kim, U., Yang, K.-S., & Hwang, K.-K. (2006). Contributions to Indigenous and Cultural
Psychology: Understanding People

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